The world of graph technology continues to change. So even if you’ve heard about graph database technology and already invested in the technology, you might want to know more. The graph paradigm goes well beyond databases and application development. Analytics Insight brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Graph Database: What is it and Why it Matters for Businesses?

Just like any new problem-solving framework, approaching a challenge from a different dimension often produces an orders-of-magnitude change in possible solutions. Graph technology could be a rising tide for your business.

Graph databases, sometimes referred as semantic databases, have developed a lot in recent years. They have evolved into mainstream technology and have been successfully deployed across a different variety of applications. A graph database is a purpose-built software application to store, query and modify network graphs. It is the rapidly-growing category in data management.

Organizations today are implementing graph databases in a range of areas like fraud detection, recommendation engines, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and master data management.

Melody K. Smith

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