This may very well resurrect every science fiction film and fear people have experienced. Axios brought this news to our attention in their article, “The military is calling in AI for support.”

When people think of artificial intelligence (AI) they think robots and with little effort they also think of robots taking control. This is because of too many Hollywood films portraying AI as machines with nefarious intent. However, for all these, the aim of AI in the U.S. military is likely to be on augmenting humans, not replacing them.

AI could be the next evolution in warfare, following gunpowder and nuclear weapons. But every revolution carries risks and even an AI strategy that focuses on assisting human warfighters will carry enormous operational and ethical challenges.

As always with AI, ethical questions arise. Making it work is one issue and and should it work is another. In war, these questions are even more important.

Melody K. Smith

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