Are you a crossword puzzle fan? A bibliophile in hiding maybe? Combining my love and fascination for all things word-related with unique taxonomies, this fun topic came to us from the New Yorker in their article, “Our Favorite Crossword Clues of 2020.”

2020 presented a unique opportunity for newcomers to crossword obsession to distract them from the months of quarantine, remote working and school at home. Those who were already fans may have used them to count the days away like a prisoner in a jail cell.

Like many other publications, the New Yorker has added crossword puzzles to their schedule to meet the ongoing demand for distraction. They took all those in consideration when compiling their favorite clues for their taxonomy of New Yorker Crossword clues.

A few of their favorites include:

  • One with four legs and many hands? 8 letters.
  • Support staff? 4 letters.
  • Italian salad featuring the colors of the Italian flag? 7 letters.

As you ponder these clues, may it inspire you for another year of puzzle solving and being safe.


  1. Card table
  2. Cane
  3. Caprese

Melody K. Smith

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