January 20, 2011 – One author lists his three wishes for the new year in regard to performance management. How many are on your list as well?

BeyeNetwork brought this interesting article to our attention, “2011 Performance Management Wish List.” Making the #1 slot was : More focus on the holy grail of performance management. The author believes the holy grail to be strategic, financial, and operational and voices his dismay at the lack of CEOs who don’t have vision for what the holy grail can do for their organization.

Next on the wish list is:  Back to basics in software purchase decisions. Basic “purchasing 101” seems to be needed for comparison shopping to find a product that doesn’t fall short of meeting the company’s requirements without costing the bank.

What was #3? Consultants focusing on their unique strengths. Consultants bring one thing to the table – expertise. But everyone can’t know everything, so without focusing on their core skill sets and then selling that particular expertise, you ruin your customer relationships and damage the potential for any future consultant to be successful. Business intelligence consultants have a unique set of skills – use them.

Read the entire article for some interesting insight from this dreamer.

Melody K. Smith

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