A new twist in using technology to take shortcuts lands in universities, where students are using a thesaurus app to procure changes on essays copy-and-pasted from the internet. Their belief is that it no longer falls under plagiarism after they make a few changes. However, the results are often hilarious. This interesting topic was found on The Guardian in their article, “Rogeting: why ‘sinister buttocks’ are creeping into students’ essays.”

One such example is “sinister buttocks” taken from the original text of “left behind.” Though it makes a great joke, it is important to remember that synonyms need to be handled with care according to the context, whether in a student essay or in a thesaurus or in an indexing rule base. Most of all — edit, edit and edit again. Does it read right? Are you sure the terminology infers what you wanted the message to be?

Melody K. Smith

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