I am fascinated by words. Their meaning, their history, their multiple uses – all of this and more draws me to dig deeper in vocabulary. I am a “word of the day” kind of gal. One interesting and slightly humorous find came from NPR in their article, “Do We Talk Funny? 51 American Colloquialisms.”

The regional ways of saying particular things — sometimes in very particular ways — are one of my favorite things about vocabulary. Do you say couch or davenport? Soda or pop? Grandpa or Granddad?

Many wonder if the English language has become homogenized, and if the unique colloquialisms are being faded out in favor of more inclusive or generic language.

I look at the list of regional slangs or terms that are supposedly disappearing and see too many that I know. Hall tree is no longer used? But why?

Melody K. Smith

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