The Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca embarked on a new initiative that promotes literacy while encouraging residents to take advantage of municipal public transportation. For one week, anyone reading on any of the city’s public transportation vehicles was allowed to ride entirely free of charge. This interesting information came from the online magazine, Good, in their article, “This City Offered Free Public Transportation to Anyone Reading a Book on the Bus.

Fiction, non-fiction, hardcover and paperback alike were all commuters needed to get where they needed to go, all while expanding their minds, and saving their money. While this may not have anything to do with taxonomy or indexing, but it does have something to do with words and books and knowledge. All things make me happy.

This wasn’t their first attempt at promoting literacy and a love for reading. The first idea was to put books in every bus. The second idea was to put messages that encourage reading on the bus. So everyone could see them and maybe be inspired to read.

Melody K. Smith

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