Data security issues are a concern to many. Whether it is a data breach, a virus hack, or poorly constructed information management strategies, there are reasons to be concerned. Now there is another – dark data. CMS Wire brought this news to us in their article, “Shine a Light on Your Dark Data.”

What is dark data? It’s enterprise data that’s fallen into disuse, due to a lack of ownership, poor visibility, accessibility, etc. This happens as more automation takes over and content management gets ignored as time-consuming and irrelevant. However, any unmanaged or unsupervised data poses a potential security risk. Not to mention, data not actively in use in the organization is freeloading, and storage space costs too much for that.

Managing data in a content management system presents its own set of challenges. Entering the data is easy. Storing the data is done efficiently. However, finding the data with obvious searches does not always happen with ease. Use of data based on metatagging and indexing is essential to improve this process.

Melody K. Smith

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