Making content findable to users, researchers, professionals, academics, etc., is the goal of the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) organization. Launched in October 2012, this community effort has reached 1.5 million registrations. This interesting information came from The Scholarly Kitchen in their article, “ORCID Out of the Box.”

Recently, ORCID asked for feedback. To help them achieve their mission to solve the name ambiguity problem in research and scholarly communications, they want to find out more about what the community thinks and knows about ORCID. If you are a user or member of ORCID, feel free to share your impressions of ORCID, by completing their survey (available in English,  Portuguese, and Spanish).

On a more humorous note, the author of the above referenced article is sharing their effort at thinking outside the box – (ORCID, in one minute).

Melody K. Smith

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