I wouldn’t exactly call it the next buzz word because semantic technology has been around for quite awhile. However, it is certainly gaining in popularity. This interesting information came from Business Cloud News in their article, “Semantic technology: is it the next big thing or just another buzzword?

Most buzzwords come from a place of need and marketing gurus don’t let this fact pass them by. Big Data is the prime example of this. Big data can be a challenge but at the end of the day it isn’t new – it is just massive amounts of data.

Semantic technology isn’t as allusive as it appears. The technology is at its best when it’s transparent. When it is built into a set of tools to analyze, categorize and retrieve content and data before it’s even displayed to the end user.

Semantic technology is on its way to becoming a booming business. In the next decade, our software’s ability to interact with the wide world around it, rather than simply produce a carefully structured and sterilized representation of that world, may be what makes or breaks business models.

Melody K. Smith

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