TEMIS has launched Luxid 7, the seventh generation of its flagship semantic content enrichment platform. Luxid 7 promises a beefed-up scalable and robust semantic enrichment pipeline and includes a dedicated ontology management tool. Broadway World Geeks brought this to our attention in their article, “TEMIS Integrates Ontology Management and Semantic Enrichment in Luxid’ 7.”

When building a taxonomy or ontology, you want that model to be available across the enterprise, and not tied to one single program. All of this is done to make it a dynamic and comprehensive system with outstanding search results. Access Innovations provides Search Harmony to allow that same taxonomy/ontology to be used on the user search side to leverage the tagging of the documents and further enhance search results. A user can easily change the configuration of the ontology/thesaurus/taxonomy through our administrative module so the data model retains integrity by matching the guidelines of the standards while modifications are made to the user needs. This easily integrated feature is critical to quality, progressive search results.

Melody K. Smith

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