Day two of Data Harmony Users Group (DHUG) was kicked off with Dr. Moriba Jah from the University of Arizona and Director, Space Object Behavioral Sciences at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Dr. Jah started the session by talking trash.

As an astrodynamicist with expertise in quantifying, assessing, and predicting the behavior of objects in space via multi-source information fusion, he is well versed in space trash. Dr. Jah’s presentation is unique as it is not among the client presentations showing how they use the products of Access Innovations. This presentation is designed to give a real user’s perspective. Not a user of Access Innovation products but user of the journals, articles, data, etc. that many of Access Innovation’s clients produce and/or manage with the taxonomies and tools of Access Innovations.

After sharing some of his work and findings, it is easy to understand that we have heard only a fraction of what he is focusing on in his career. Situational awareness is key to Dr. Jah’s focus (not to mention job title) “Until we can understand what Mother Nature is doing precisely,” said Dr. Jah, “Some parts of our work will be indeterminate.”

In parting, Dr. Jah advises us to keep as many eyes on the sky as possible so that we can understand it and preserve the space environment for generations to come.

Melody K. Smith

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