Machine Zone is known as a top-ranked mobile game company, but now it has launched a platform that lets other companies license its cloud technology that will enable many millions of people to communicate and interact in real time. This interesting information came to us from Venture Beat in their article, “Machine Zone launches cloud platform to process millions of real-time interactions.”

Part of this identity shift comes with a renaming. It is now calling itself MZ. Despite the fact that MZ has consistently had two games in the top-five top-grossing list on the mobile app stores for a while, they are adding to, not shifting, their focus.

MZ built this infrastructure for its games, but it has the capacity to handle much more than those games require. And that’s why the company is finally making the move to license the technology to other companies.

“RTplatform is massive platform for doing high-fanout data processing,” said Leydon, in an interview with VentureBeat founder Matt Marshall. “We hope to do many-to-many applications. This is an infrastructure that allows you to do some extremely large things in real time at scale.”

Melody K. Smith

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