Impelsys and Ontotext are releasing an integrated technology offering that will allow publishers and content providers to benefit from semantically enriched metadata. Database Trends and Applications brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Impelsys and Ontotext Partner to Provide Smart Content.

The two vendors each bring different things to the table. Impelsys offers its digital content delivery infrastructure, iPublishCentral, which can support dissemination of basic PDF/EPUB-based eBooks to complex SCORM compliant courseware modules.

Ontotext brings the GraphDB semantic database and experience in semantic technology for publishers that can help content creators automate their workflows and streamline production, curation, and reuse of content, and provides richer context as well as relevant content recommendations and advertising to consumers.

The semantic layer is new and is aimed at adding new perspectives to content publishing and enabling smart content authoring, discovery, repurposing, and ultimately monetization for publishers and e-learning providers.

Melody K. Smith

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