Records management (RM) is a well-established discipline. However, the massive growth of data is presenting new challenges about how RM should be carried out. KM World brought this news to us in their article, “Evolving data issues challenge RM approaches.

With big data, master data management (MDM) and the challenges that come with unstructured data, the list is long and complicated.

Records are kept for compliance purposes and for their business value and often because no process has been implemented for systematically removing them. This isn’t an outlier, this is the norm.

Because IT and legal frequently disagree on what to keep and what is priority, data stored in data lakes is largely uncontrolled and typically has not had data hygiene processes applied to it.

The struggle is real, but if an organization views RM as a resource rather than a burden, it can contribute to enterprise success. The management of enterprise information is already becoming more integrated and less siloed. The records management world is changing, and their role and influence is changing with it.

Melody K. Smith

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