Storage is always an issue. Whether we are talking about big data needing cloud space to function and be accessible, or on your own PC, there never seems to be enough storage. PC World brought this news to our attention in their article, “Dropbox wants to stretch desktop file storage to infinity.”

Dropbox has filled this need for many for a while now. Recently they shared their futuristic vision for how users will be able to share massive files and have quick access to them on their computers, without their hard drives overflowing.

Project Infinite is a push to create a new Dropbox interface that allows users to see all of the files they’ve stored in the cloud in their computer’s file explorer without requiring them to keep local copies of each document, image, spreadsheet or other file.

Dropbox users who want to see the items they have stored in the company’s cloud among all their other files need to have those files downloaded to their Mac or PC.

The company also announced a new File Properties API that will allow people to apply custom metadata to files stored in Dropbox for use with third party tools. That should help to enable applications like digital loss prevention and data migration services. Cool – new toys!

Melody K. Smith

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