LSD is known for dramatically altering people’s state of consciousness. New research suggests that the mind-expanding effects of LSD may also extend to language. The Huffington Post brought this interesting news to us in their article,”LSD Makes Your Brain More Like A Thesaurus.”

Of course we aren’t suggesting you starting experimenting with psychedelics. It is, however, interesting to learn that under the influence of LSD people seem to have easier access to related words. This suggests that the semantic networks in their brains are activated by the drug.

If you think of words and concepts as parts of an interconnected web of ideas registered somewhere in the brain, LSD seems to bring this web closer to the surface of awareness.

LSD is rarely researched due to strict regulations and of course the cultural stigma. But in recent years, a few researchers have found ways to look into the enigmatic compound, with the goal of perhaps learning something about the bigger enigma – the brain.

Melody K. Smith

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