Digital asset management (DAM) systems serve many purposes. Maybe you think you don’t need one. You have shared files, and that is more than enough to serve your purposes. DAM systems do more than share files. Marketing Profs brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Top 7 Reasons Creative Directors Need Digital Asset Management.”

DAM systems are no longer viewed as simple systems for basic asset handling and archiving. In workflow management, they serve a very functional task. First and foremost, they reduce or eliminate bottlenecks in the workflow by eliminating the file transfer time. This may seem minimal but it adds up over weeks and months.

Integration is another key advantage to utilizing a DAM system. Whether it is large e-commerce systems, creative workflow solutions, collaboration tools, or asset creation tools, DAM systems and practices have become indispensable to the operations of large organizations. Creative directors can expect generous time savings for their teams with these integrations.

Melody K. Smith

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