Beer and data analytics have paired up in an inventory system for bars and restaurants. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to us in their article,”Drink Up the Data Analytics: System Helps with On-Tap Inventory and Sales.”

Retail establishments can use it to help them better understand and manage their on-tap inventory and improve their sales. It seems obvious, but considering that twenty billion dollars’ worth of draft beer is sold every year in the United States, there has not been as much technology applied in this area as you would think. This opportunity for establishments from local pubs to enterprise-owned restaurant chains is unique as it isn’t just retail and sales focused, but also uses data analytics to waste less product in the process.

The SteadyServ iKeg solution uses a cloud database of virtually every beer ever brewed in the world, as well as the Internet of Things and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. When a new keg is put on the system for the first time, the SmartScale sensors recognize its weight and determines what type of beer it believes is in the keg using machine learning technology.

This is a good example of how technology can touch and improve all aspects of business and our lives, often making it better.

Melody K. Smith

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