Databases require flexible approaches. As size and content fluctuate, so should the response. Modern approaches to database management are becoming extremely popular, the latest being triplestores, which have the ability to ingest diverse data and provide flexibility with respect to schema changes and mappings. This interesting information came to us from Ontotext in their article, “The Truth About Triplestores.”

Triplestores allow for greater freedom and more efficient handling of powerful queries. They employ intelligent data management solutions, which combine full text search with graph analytics and logical reasoning to produce deep, rich results.

There are many benefits to triplestores. However, at their core, they are an atomic form of intelligence that can be used to describe just about everything. It is a simple model that allows structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to be mixed, exposed, and shared across different applications. These connections between databases are extremely valuable and a key part of a knowledge management system.

Melody K. Smith

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