We have all heard about Yahoo’s recent data hack. They revealed they had been hacked in 2014 and over 500 million accounts were the victims of username and password theft. This announcement came as Verizon was negotiating the purchase of Yahoo to the tune of $4.8 billion dollars. Apparently this crisis has discounted the deal as Verizon is pushing for a $1 billion discount. The New York Post brought this news to our attention in their article, “Verizon wants $1B discount on Yahoo deal after reports of hacking, spying.”

If that wasn’t enough, it was learned that Yahoo had been ordered by a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to scan emails for terrorist signatures.

Verizon had planned to join Yahoo with its AOL unit to position it as a third force to compete with Google and Facebook for digital ad dollars. The discount is being sought because it feels Yahoo’s value has been diminished.

It is a good reminder that data protection should be a priority as it affects not just the security of your data but your financial situation as well.

Melody K. Smith

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