Cognitive computing has been the focus for the past few years and the entire data industry is focused on what the future holds for this technology. DATAVERSITY brought this news to us in their article, “How We Will Harvest Cognition in 2017.

Cognitive computing’s impact in and on our lives will continue over the coming years, at least according to those in the technology world. One key assumption in everybody’s predictions is that this resource will continue to flow into every pore of the digital world. The power of cognitive computing is in its ability to illuminate what was previously invisible.

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution can’t maintain if we don’t continue to find newer, more innovative approaches for harvesting the consumable cognition. Cognitive computing brings to the table many possibilities. It can be deployed for resiliency planning as well as predicting. It can also help prioritize the most effective allocation of assets to restore systems and services, assist employees and notify customers. The list may literally be endless.

Melody K. Smith

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