Few other industries have undergone as much change as publishing has in recent years. On top of that, customer service demands continue to rise. This interesting information came to us from EContent in their article, “A Guide to Digital Experience Management for Publishers.

Digital experience management (DXM) is all about providing superior customer experiences through a judicious leverage of strategy, technology, and process. The foundation of the publishing industry has always been advertisement revenues from print and that is going away or already gone. Newer forms of revenue, such as digital advertisements, have not made up for the loss in print revenues. To be sure, digital ads are a flourishing business, but the spoils are accruing to technology companies rather than publishers.

Whether you are an old pro or a newbie, DXM can help. The digital canvas is emerging but large. We may not yet know which publishing business models will prevail, but it has never been more important to leverage your respective strengths and find the business models that work best for you.

Melody K. Smith

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