It’s that time of year where we look back on the previous year sometimes with joy and laughter, other times with sorrow and angst. Then we follow it up with starting over, a renewal in the new year, with new excitement, hopes and dreams. Here are some of the top 2016 lists gathered from across the web.


TechCrunch’s 2016 Year In Review covers a wide range of topics they reported on in 2016. Politics including Flint Michigan, Silicon Valley, and privacy and security with Apple, Yahoo, and Google Home. Advancements were made with SpaceX landing a rocket on a drone ship, Tesla rolled out solar roof tiles and Uber began testing self driving cars in Pittsburgh. Video games also took a shine with the re-release of old Nintendo NES games bundled on a single platform, Pokemon Go took over everyone’s cell phones and huge advances in virtual reality gaming were also made. Popular Mechanics has the 23 Best iPhone Apps of 2016 and Android Authority has their best apps list as well.


It was an exciting year for sports fans. The 2016 Summer Olympic games took place in Rio de Janeiro, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, and the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first ever championship. Bleacher Report gives us Twenty Heartwarming Sports Moments from 2016 to show us how the sports players and the community come together.


Did you read any good new releases this year? Don’t worry if you didn’t, I’m still a few centuries behind on reading since my favorite genre is 19th Century literature. When it comes to book lists there are many. Luckily Quartz compiled them together to come up with the best books of 2016 when you combine 36 best books of 2016 lists. If you haven’t read any of these don’t despair. I have not read any of them, have only heard of 8, and have only added three to my ever growing to-be-read stack.


There are many overall year in reviews. This one from the Miami Herald goes through events by the month. Time has a page devoted to the Top 10 Everything.


Finally we come to the doom and gloom of 2016: celebrity and other notable deaths. However, as this Huffington Post article points out, the amount of death was probably as average as other years, but was exacerbated by social media.

Looking Forward

Now that 2016 is finally over we can look forward to 2017. It’s a new year, a fresh start. The United States will gain a new President, and a total solar eclipse will take place for the first time since 1979. CNN has this list of what’s to come in 2017 and Kiplinger has their top 10 list of things to look forward to from 2017 and beyond from cancer research, gender equality in wages to the beginning trials of 5G wireless. Of course there are new cars, movies and TV shows to also look forward to.

Here at Access Innovations we wish you a happy new year, full of successful searches, strong taxonomies, and information that continues to be findable.

Jennifer Crawford, MLIS
Marketing Librarian for Access Innovations, Inc.