According to a recent survey, 39% of all businesses participating said they do not do any form of social media tracking or monitoring in their organization. Considering how prevalent social media is these days, and not just for personal use, this number is surprising.¬†This interesting information came to us from Open PR in their article, “Social Media Records Management Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2016-2026.”

Social media refers to the activities which integrate web technology, social interaction, and user-generated content. This includes blogs, social networks, location-based services and more. Worldwide agencies use social media internally and externally to share information, support business processes, and connect people to government. With only 39% tracking this activity, there is a huge gap in potential consumer engagement.

Recordkeeping in a collaborative environment like social media can be challenging. Content is almost always located in multiple places and by the sheer nature of social media, there are typically personal account involved. No one is saying it is easy, but it is important.

Melody K. Smith

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