Smart cities are popping up everywhere these days. Free city-wide Wi-Fi is a popular attraction, but there are some challenges to it as well. Deployments of smart cities will need to become smarter if they want to deliver on the promise of a connected society and provide true value. This interesting information came to us from American Security Today in their article, “Why Smart Cities Must Become Smarter, to be Truly Valuable.”

A new white paper, “Smart Cities Done Smarter,” was published by oneM2M, the global Internet of Things (IoT) standards initiative. The paper provided some tips and blueprints for cities considering taking on this challenge.

According to Roland Hechwartner, of Deutsche Telekom, Technical Plenary Vice Chair of oneM2M, “Smart cities that fully exploit data assets will undoubtedly be the most successful as they will be able to create and make use of applications based on the data produced.”

Melody K. Smith

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