Project Spark was launched by TransUnion Chief Information and Technology Officer Mohit Kapoor. It is an IT program designed to revolutionize the way the global risk and information solutions provider used big data. The Enterprisers Project brought this subject to us in their article, “TransUnion CIO: Rethinking the business around analytics.

Speaking about TransUnion’s transformation into a leading analytics and insights organization and his approach to overcoming resistance to cultural changes, Kapoor shared that the goal of Spark was to transition from being simply a credit bureau and a data-centric company to having a new set of capabilities to drive more insights across multiple data sets.

This wasn’t an easy process or transition. Some of the challenges were cultural in regards to the organization. Collaboration is easy to talk about but it’s another matter to put the foundational tools and capabilities in place so people can actually do it. The journey is by no means complete.

Melody K. Smith

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