Quertle is the developer of the first artificial intelligence (AI) biomedical big data discovery platform (BioAI) for biomedical literature. Together with Elsevier, they have announced that searching of the full-text biomedical and life science content on Elsevier’s information source, ScienceDirect, that has over 14 million publications, will be integrated into Quertle’s AI discovery product Qinsight. Knowledge Speak brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “Quertle and Elsevier collaborate to integrate ScienceDirect full-text searching within new artificial intelligence discovery tool.”

This is welcome news as traditional search methods often produce long lists of irrelevant results. That can leave users overwhelmed. Semantics, natural language processing and other AI-based methods have failed to appropriately address this issue.

Qinsight uses biomedically-optimized neural networks and other AI methods to simulate how an expert’s brain discovers the most relevant information, discerns critical facts and discovers key concepts.

Full-text content from ScienceDirect is projected to be searchable in Qinsight later in 2017.

Melody K. Smith

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