As more and more connected devices become commonplace in homes and offices worldwide, consumers and enterprises tend to overlook the serious digital and physical damage that cybersecurity failures in these devices can potentially wreak. This interesting topic came to us from Tech Republic in their article, “Why won’t enterprises take IoT security seriously?

Devices considered Internet of Things (IoT) offer a tremendous amount of convenience, but they also expose us to risks we may not have spent a lot of time thinking about. The digital risk is not surprising, but there are physical danger as well. For example, a hacker who gains access to your home’s smart thermometer could easily determine when you are at home or away, leaving your house and belongings vulnerable.

In addition, if they access a live camera feed of your home from a security system, it could find its way to the Internet and there it will remain permanently.

IoT devices control physical aspects of our lives, which opens a wide range of possibilities to cause damage. The boundaries between consumer IoT, industrial IoT, and enterprise IoT is artificial. They are all connected to the same network.

Melody K. Smith

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