Linguamatics is utilizing their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms that fuel natural language processing technology for text mining to join forces with RealHealthData. Healthcare IT News brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Linguamatics, RealHealthData to mine patient data with natural language processing.”

Linguamatics’s I2E technology is able to pore through a variety of text resources, such as electronic health record (EHR) data and clinical trials information. RealHealthData maintains a detailed database of provider notes. Together they’ll use natural language processing to better understand an array of clinical data.

This new partnership can give pharmaceutical and biotech companies better insight into the real-world impact of patient therapies, rather than having to rely on clinical trial data. Medical records offer a plethora of data, which could inform drug development and beyond, but it’s often unstructured. Linguamatics’ I2E can extract key facts from the narratives in RealHealthData’s database, which covers every medical specialty, by using specific ontologies and queries for better decision making.

Melody K. Smith

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