File sharing in the music world has a long and checkered past. Now musicians are looking to digital technology in a bid to recoup money they believe is theirs. This information came to us from The Globe and Mail in their article, “AI and data are music to recording industry’s ears for recouping song royalties.”

SOCAN and Re:Sound are two Canadian licensing agencies who have spent 2017 building partnerships that will help them better scan audio and video content online and on the radio. This is in an effort to ensure copyright holders their due residuals with a side benefit of identifying future musical stars. To accomplish this, they are using the processing power of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI was founded as an academic discipline in 1956, and in the years since has experienced several waves of progress. It is gradually transforming into a general-purpose technology that permeates virtually every aspect of human life and society. AI algorithms will inevitably change the way we do everything.

Melody K. Smith

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