To remain connected in an ever-changing world, traditional barriers are being removed. Gone are the days when proprietary applications and sole proprietors engaged in industry best practices. This interesting information came to us from Electronics 360 in their article, “How IoT Companies Can Join Together to Define Success.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of connected devices that interact without human intervention. It is a wide field that has infiltrated a breadth of industries, including building automation systems, electrical utilities, transportation, and manufacturing. The IoT’s expansion at home and in organizations drives home the point that, now more than ever, it’s about the value. It’s no longer solely about the device, but about how you add value to the system and with whom you can partner to form a strategic alliance.

Strategic partnerships are a positive solution for all. It allows device manufacturers to capitalize on a value proposition with an expedited time to market and, in some cases, compatibility assurance.

Melody K. Smith

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