The upsurge of digital transformation is creating a greater cyber threat for India. To safeguard its critical assets from perilous cyber attacks, India needs to robustly upgrade its cyber architecture. This interesting topic came to us from DNA India in their article, “Make allocation for cybersecurity.”

2017 brought a plethora of cyber attacks and data breaches. With growing digitization, professionals are expecting the government to make the necessary adjustments to the budget to accommodate the changing threat landscape.

Data breaches and cyber attacks make the headline news globally. The silver lining is that there is a greater need for professionals with the necessary skills to fight back against cyber crime. Educational programs and institutes play a big part in increasing skilled talent, although most university cyber security programs are just beginning.

There are other options in the interim. Artificial intelligence, communication with employees and shared responsibility can start to help fill their cyber security needs.

Melody K. Smith

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