The Linux Foundation has announced LF Deep Learning Foundation, designed to further promote open-source artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This interesting information came to us from ZDNet in their article, “Linux Foundation pushes open-source AI forward with the Deep Learning Foundation.

Artificial intelligence is the future and it is now. It is already part of our everyday lives. The terms AI, machine learning, and deep learning are frequently used in the media to describe the same technology. But they are not the same things.

The easiest way to think of their relationship is to visualize them as concentric circles with AI being the idea that came first and the largest, then machine learning, which blossomed later, and finally deep learning, which is driving today’s AI explosion fitting inside both.

Machine learning came directly from minds of the early AI crowd, and the algorithmic approaches over the years included decision tree learning, inductive logic programming. clustering, reinforcement learning, and Bayesian networks among others. Deep learning is a technique for implementing machine learning. Clear as mud yet?

Melody K. Smith

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