Cisco Systems recently announced it will focus more on software and analytics with its internet of things (IoT) platform to give users more data and visibility. This interesting news came to us from CIO Dive in their article, “Cisco augments IoT platform with software, analytics.”

“In our space, what we worry more about is just the sheer volume of data, ensuring that attack surfaces are controlled and policies are set up so that if somebody does take control of a sensor they can’t get to anywhere else in the system,” says Cisco’s chief technical officer of public sector and SE director, Dan Kent.

In the IoT world, everything and everybody is connected – from consumers in sensor-rich environments to enterprises harnessing new technologies like robotics and machine learning. However, without analytics the IoT would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. After all, why transmit information from a device if you don’t have analytics that are rich enough to extract insights from it or transform it into meaningful consumer experiences?

Melody K. Smith

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