What is deep learning? The terms artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning are used often and sadly, often interchangeably. But they are not the same things. One way to understand the difference and their relationship to one another is to visualize them as concentric circles with AI — the idea that came first — the largest, then machine learning — which developed later, and finally deep learning — which is the newest and trendiest one in the AI explosion today —  fitting inside both. This interesting information came to us from Customer Think in their article, “How Deep Learning Can Take You to the Next Level of Understanding the Voice of Your Customer.”

Understanding the voice of a customer is key in today’s competitive business landscape. Internet and intranet communication allows organizations to hold ongoing conversations with the people they serve. This gives them access to an enormous amount of potentially valuable information. Natural language understanding and deep learning are key to tapping into this information and to revealing how to better serve their audiences.

Deep learning can move an organization to the next level of understanding the voice of the customer through qualitative data, analytics and deep learning for applications.

Melody K. Smith

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