In the world of mergers and collaborations, the recent partnership between Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain project and Chains of Things (COT) is interesting at the very least. It is the first time Ontology has partnered with another technology company, for one. Under the partnership, Ontology and COT will together build a platform incorporating COT’s Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent hardware and Ontology’s chain network model. Legal Gambling and The Law brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “Ontology Partners With IoT & Intelligent Hardware Firm Chains Of Things.”

Ontology has always been upfront about their priorities and establishing connection between entities and distributed digital systems is a prime strategy. The blockchain aims to provide distributed services across multiple industries, with a need for complex systems and technologies.

Intelligent hardware might just be our next big thing, but is it really new? It’s been here for a while, in the form of intelligent devices, such as home thermostats and automobile technology platforms.

Melody K. Smith

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