In what feels like the 25th hour, researchers at UC Davis have recently developed a new machine learning based tool to verify multimedia rumors online. Tech Xplore brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Using machine learning for cross-lingual and cross-platform rumor verification.”

Their paper proposes cross-lingual and cross-platform features for rumor verification, which leverage the semantic similarity between rumors and information on other websites. Their method can combine information from multiple languages to get a complete picture of online news.

With the claims of “fake news” and concern from everyone on whether to believe anything that comes across social media or the internet in general, these efforts are certainly needed. Fake rumors can spread very quickly online, causing havoc and confusion among readers, and the results could impact such vital functions as elections, healthcare and security. The development of tools to verify the authenticity of online information has never been more important.

Melody K. Smith

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