Health information technology is a booming business. A recent report shows paper-based records are being phased out at a rapid pace in healthcare, and digitization and virtualization are creating an entire market within the global healthcare industry. This is a market that the Swedish government is investing heavily in to make Sweden a global leader in e-health by 2025. This interesting information came to us from Xinhua Net in their article, “Sweden aims to be global e-health leader by 2025: health minister.”

“The aim of the mission we are now giving the National Board of Health and Welfare is to offer members of staff better conditions for providing patients with the best possible health care,” Minister for Health and Social Affairs Annika Strandhall said in a statement.

To help them achieve this goal, the Swedish government is investing heavily in semantic standardization. They see it as a core element to enable the exchange of information across different technological systems.

Melody K. Smith

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