R9B is a provider of cybersecurity products and services. Recently, they announced a strategic partner investment into Champion Technology. PRNewswire brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “R9B Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Based Expert System to HUNT Operations.”

The companies will form a technology partnership to leverage DarkLight’s knowledge framework to optimize and cross-correlate data sets. The full integration will enable artificial intelligence (AI) driven response actions to security events.

R9B puts an emphasis on human-led, technology-accelerated threat hunting. DarkLight was designed to capture the analyst’s knowledge and reasoning process through Programmable Reasoning Objects (PROs). This evolution of security data results in significantly faster processes.

Our daily life, economy, and national security depend on a stable, safe, and resilient cyberspace. Sophisticated cyber-criminals exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money and are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services. Anything that protects cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are worth the effort.

Melody K. Smith

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