The theme of this year’s Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) pre-conference at APE 2019 in Berlin, is Bringing Value in Academic Publishing: Practical Solutions for Thriving in a Changing Environment. This interesting topic came to us from The Scholarly Kitchen in their article, “Guest Post: Bringing Value (and Making Things Happen) in Academic Publishing — An Interview with Martha Sedgwick of SAGE.”

Martha Sedgwick, Vice President, Product Innovation at SAGE, will address this topic in her pre-conference keynote address, “What a Difference a Decade Makes: Digital Innovation at SAGE.”

The pre-conference program committee has focused on exploring how innovations meet the needs of all users, including students, researchers, users with disabilities, and users in emerging markets. Sedgwick affirmed the importance of understanding and responding to user needs and offered suggestions on how to ensure all users needs are met.

“We have found that to do this successfully required a combination of harnessing existing organizational knowledge and also bringing in new skills,” stated Sedgwick. “Critically, driving an inclusive culture internally is important.”

The pre-conference program is designed to affirm this as well. One way to bring value is through the introduction of new products and services.

Melody K. Smith

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