More than 100 engineers from about a dozen big privately held companies that Google’s Alphabet invests in gathered at a three-day machine learning boot camp thrown by CapitalG. This interesting news came to us from CNBC in their article, “Inside the training camp where Google shares its A.I. secrets with companies Alphabet invested in.”

CapitalG started the program as a way to tap one of Google’s biggest assets: its leadership in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) – specifically, where machine learning fits in. Since its formation in 2013, CapitalG (previously known as Google Capital) has billed itself as a returns-driven investor, rather than a strategic investor. That means it invests in companies that it thinks will drive high payouts, versus those that could somehow help Alphabet’s business or become future acquisitions.

As machine learning and AI have become increasingly commonplace in every organization, Google’s rebranding as an AI-first company positions it as a specific kind of help to those companies it invests in.

Melody K. Smith

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