Preserving data for future findability is at the core of a Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) responsibilities. In the world of state governments, this can sometimes be lost in the mire of red tape and funding. This interesting topic came to us from State Tech magazine in their article, “How State CIOs Should Preserve Digital Records.”

The time when state governments filed away paper records on everything are behind us. They are now working and living in the world of digital records. But are they fully prepared for that?

State CIOs and archivists need to understand why it is so critical. They are in the information business and data is at its core. Public services create information in the form of records, increasingly in electronic formats. It is essential to state governments and to the services state governments provide their citizens, to be proficient in managing the growing portfolio of electronic records and digital content that must be preserved.

Using a solid taxonomy for indexing content helps an enterprise understand the information it holds, as well as that which is missing.

Melody K. Smith

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