It was recently announced that CareerBuilder acquired Textkernel, a company focused on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and semantic technology designed for matching candidates to jobs. HCM Technology Report brought this information to our attention in their article, “CareerBuilder Buys Textkernel to Bulk Up AI Products.”

The company reportedly said the purchase was part of a wider investment in AI and machine learning. The acquisition also strengthens CareerBuilder’s data science team by connecting more than 200 data scientists, engineers and AI specialists to work on its Hello To Hire process.

Making data-driven decisions is imperative for all organizations. For those in the career placement industry, it can move an organization to a new level. AI can make recruiting easier and quicker. It can improve the recruitment process and help with those mundane tasks that no one appreciates.

Using advanced analytics and machine learning to populate the pipeline with top talent who are the best fit for a job is the ultimate goal.

Melody K. Smith

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