Cybersecurity is important in all organizations, but when it comes to our nation’s safety, it should be priority number one. Bloomberg brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “The Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Is Falling Behind.”

The Pentagon’s combat testing office has warned that the U.S. military’s cybersecurity capabilities aren’t advancing fast enough to stay ahead of the multi-pronged attacks envisioned by adversaries.

Despite some progress in fending off attacks the testing office said “we estimate that the rate of these improvements is not outpacing the growing capabilities of potential adversaries who continue to find new vulnerabilities and techniques to counter fixes.”

They acknowledge the potential threat coming from artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, the Army is seeking information about “Autonomous Cyber” capabilities that would use AI and machine learning to defend its networks and protect its own intelligent systems against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Melody K. Smith

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