Semantic marketing is everywhere. Brands like Facebook, YouTube and others know our preferences and are able to provide us with personalized original content due to semantic marketing. It is transforming the way marketers understand and target their customers’ interests and allows them to deliver results that are custom, personalized and sometimes a little creepy. This interesting information came to us from Analytics Insight in their article, “How Disruptive Technologies Like AI and NLP Are Transforming Customer-Oriented Forecasting.”

By virtue of artificial intelligence (AI) and their alliance with speech recognition and weighted outcomes, identifying customer’s preferences and even sensing the subscriber’s behavior and time coordination, is made possible. The technology of machine learning and AI works together to learn from patterns that subscribers show in their behavior over time and offering personalized contents recommendations accordingly.

With the advancement of AI and analytics, landing up with firm decisions and performing tasks requiring human intelligence has become more efficient. For example, AI and machine learning are the core of Amazon’s customer-oriented forecasting on steroids and its effort to fine tune the demand and supply practice.

Melody K. Smith

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