Security is always a concern, at home or in the workplace. Advancements in criminal pursuits drive advancements in preventative measures. In an era dominated by mobile devices, users can find themselves lost in the proverbial “password hell”. The requirements of passwords vary across platforms and applications. The combination requirements and frequency of updating can feel like a full time job, and leaves many of us using a “cheat sheet”, of which the irony astounds me. This interesting topic came to us from Naked Security in their article: “Could semantic icons replace passwords and PINs?

Entering passwords on a mobile device takes the challenge to an entirely new level. Fingerprint security has been a huge help in that area and pattern locks are also a possible answer. They both come with disadvantages.

There is a new alternative being considered called SemanticLock. It replaces passwords, PINs and patterns with a sequence of graphical icons which work semantically. However, many professionals believe it is likely that the sizable core of users who don’t bother with today’s password, PIN, and patterns would also ignore icons.

Melody K. Smith

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