Artificial intelligence (AI) and memories aren’t often used in the same context. However, the use of emerging memories with AI applications is increasing. This interesting information came to us from Forbes in their article, “Emerging Memories Team Up With AI.”

Emerging memories are a new memory technology that is being developed with the goal of either extending a memory technology’s capabilities or eventually replacing the technology all together—or sometimes both. Memory is a key component of any data processing system. Memories hold both the data to be processed and the rules for processing them. Two types of memory devices now represent 90% of all memory market – DRAM (working memory) and NAND (storage memory).

Nearly all emerging memory technologies use new materials that aren’t used in logic processing, so they don’t benefit from the inherent synergy. When compared to silicon, these new materials are not as well understood, and that lack of understanding can lead to yield issues.

Melody K. Smith

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