Scientists working with quantum computing are especially excited with the idea of integrating the quantum world with machine learning. Despite all their achievements, machine learning algorithms and traditional CPUs don’t play well. This might change that situation. This interesting topic came to us from Singularity Hub in their article, “Finally, Proof That Quantum Computing Can Boost Machine Learning.”

A recent study by IBM and MIT revealed some experimental proof that theory may become reality. Published in Nature, the collaboration used a two-qubit quantum computing system to show that quantum computers can bolster a specific type of machine learning—one generally used for classification—using a lab-generated dataset.

It is important to point out that this is a first step, but the study did show that perfect quantum computers, currently beyond reach, aren’t necessary to help artificial intelligence (AI). Past attempts at quantum computing in the cloud knows that collecting meaningful data from these devices is challenging.

Melody K. Smith

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