In the world of science discovery, there is rarely a single person deserving the accolades and praise. It is teamwork from the beginning to the end. This interesting topic came to us from Forbes in their article, “We Must Recognize That A Lot Of Data Science Comes From Teams Not Individuals.”

Complex stories of discovery and innovation involving teams of hundreds of collaborators all working together are often distilled down to one or two figureheads who become the public face(s) responsible for the team’s success.

What will it take for the public and press to begin seeing data science as the teamwork it typically is?

Data science has integrated nearly every field. Today, the work of programmers, analysts, and other disciplines come together to form modern data science teams tackling society’s greatest challenges. Rather than recognize the contributions of all these individuals as a cohesive team, we still describe data science in terms of the solitary data scientist.

Melody K. Smith

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